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Joe Gabriel - DP

Joe Gabriel is a Cinematographer specializing in Documentary and Branded Content. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Joe has traveled the world shooting multi-million dollar campaigns for brands including GE, Merck, NBC, Sephora, and AT&T. In 2011 Joe was chosen to follow Matthew Libatique as the DP for MSNBC's Lean Forward image campaign directed by Spike Lee. Joe was the series DP for National Geographic Channel's Emmy-nominated series "Brain Games" and the Netflix original science series "Brainchild" produced by Pharrell Williams. 


Joe's work bridges the worlds of raw documentary filmmaking and commercial studio work.  His experience moving between these different worlds gives him the flexibility to choose the right tools to tell the story. From large film sets directing crews to working as a one man documentary storyteller, Joe's work is about making connections.